Hi, my name is Do (rhymes with you.)  Currently, and for
whatever reason, I have an eye for beauty, a capacity for joy,
and a desire to help others.  Each of these is enhanced through
mindfulness; and, increased mindfulness is my true priority.  
Painting, through process to result, provides unique conditions to
be mindful while moving (compared to sitting meditation).  While
painting, I must be in the present moment.  This creates an
opportunity for spontaneity.  I want to meet this opportunity
with a Will and enough Energy to be spontaneous.  I like to think
that Energy is what I paint.  I try to have Energy emanate from
my work to permeate into viewer space.  Available perceptions
transduce through me onto the painting surface, at least while I
am mindful.

I have come to an awareness that the paintings are not just for
me; this can be viewed on the
Elsewhere page.  So, if the
paintings are not just for me, then they may be for you.

Please consider: these paintings are intended to be viewed up
close and personal.  It is: OK to zoom.  So you zoom.  Perhaps
start with

Solo Shows:
2016        Fellowship Place, New Haven, CT
   Fellowship Place, New Haven, CT
2013        Foote School, New Haven, CT
2013        Unitarian Society, New Haven, CT
2012        Clair's Cornucopia, New Haven, CT

Group Shows:
2017        Expressive Arts Festival, New Haven, CT
2016        The Whitney Center, New Haven, CT
2016        Yale Psychiatric Symp, Yale Art Gallery, New Haven, CT
2016        Musical Intervention, New Haven, CT
2016        The Grove, New Haven, CT
2015        The Lawn Club, New Haven, CT
2014        Fitkin Building, Yale School of Medicine,
New Haven, CT
2013-15        City Wide Open Studios (CWOS), New Haven, CT
2012, 2015    Arts Council Greater New Haven

TV appearances:
2016        CT STYLE,  WTNH News 8 (April 27, 2016)

2015        Consumer Initiative Grant
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Original paintings
Original paintings
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